Sugar Free orange drink

Frothy Orange Drink, absolutely refreshing and delicious

Have you looked at my sugar-free Orange drink yet?????  (see sugar-free recipes)   it is so awesomely delicious.   With summer coming and the weather getting hotter what better way to cool off after a day of gardening or hiking than with a nutrient rich satisfying drink.  I have one every day and just love every moment of its goodness.

healthy probiotic from the oh so delicious coconut kefir, healthy refreshing vitamins from your organic orange, no sugar as I use Stevia and add a couple of ice cubes to make it a chilling refreshing drink.

here is a hint if you are a drinker, add a splash of peach tree snaps, vodka, or your favorite spirit and enjoy a healthy cocktail.   I don’t recommend it, but for those of you who do partake I have heard good results doing it.   Cant vouch for the taste as I don’t drink alcohol.  this is too good without it to even try it with the added ingredient for me anyway.


Get the recipe here:

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