Surprise Cornbread Muffins

do these look like ordinary mini cornbread muffins to you?   Good because that is what they are supposed to look like.   Ordinary every day little itty bitty corn bread muffins but with a small twist!

Yes I will admit I am having fun playing with my mini muffin maker, any harm in that?   We have had vanilla muffins, chocolate muffins, cupcakes and now these.   What a hit…………………..the surprise?  oh yeah, the surprise.

These were little mini corn dogs…………..don’t beleive me?   Well my dear friends that’s exactly what they were.  I took ordinary cornbread batter (which by the way I just fell in love with and it will now be my new cornbread recipe) and in each little mini muffin I placed a hotdog piece.   So Easy, So Good and most every one of them was eaten by a child who eats hardly anything!   I wonder what else I can hide in cornbread?  Thinking bacon would be good.


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