What to do with GF Tortillas

So you went out and bought yourself some Gluten free Tortillas and they taste like plastic, don’t wrap around burrito fillings and frankly your just about ready to throw them away?

Sadly I bought some Food for Life Brown rice tortillas.  If you like these, I am sorry but I just don’t have many good things to say about them until now that is.   I have tried them several times, I have warmed them in the oven in tinfoil, wrapped them in warm wet cloth, microwaved them……absolutely everything I could think of to make them more pliable to wrap foods.   Today I gave up but being someone who does not waste food I had to do something with them.

I took  oil and I cut the tortillas into little triangles and I fried them up until crisp.  I was quite impressed with the transformation.  I salted some and they were nice and crispy and salty just like a fresh homemade tortilla chip.    We also sprinkled some with cinnamon and sugar and what a nice little crunchy dessert that made.  You can garlic salt them, onion salt them, puts some lime and salt on them, the possibilities are endless. They would be perfect for dips (softer dips they are a little delicate), munching or possibly for a tortilla soup type dish.

I learned something new by not wanting to waste food and I am glad I did.  I won’t be buying them again unless I have a special occasion that calls for home-made chips or the sort but hey it was a fun night experimenting.

My challenge to you, if there is something you bought and it tastes like crap well try to do something else with it.  Trust me if your new to eating allergy free you will get a lot of foods you would just rather toss than eat but why not play with your food.  Who knows what you will come up with.

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  1. Marleena says:

    I use them as pizza crusts. Heat in the oven then top if you want a crisp crust or just top with what ever toppings and bake if you like a softer crust. The soft one can’t be picked up but the crispy one can.

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