Taco cornbread casserole

I had a ton of taco stuff left over from a taco party and my family was getting mighty  tired of eating tacos every night.  We tried nachos, tacos, tostadas still they were burnt out and with good reason; as good as a taco is, there is just so many you can eat.   I remember one time I was about 10 years old and I ate 10 tacos.   The adults were impressed and still talk about it to this day.  But that’s another story……

I took all my leftover stuff, onion, tomatoes, refried beans, nacho dip sauce (velveeta) hamburger and added a packet of taco seasoning and sautéed it all together until the onions were tender and the mix looked like a yummy dip.  really I wanted to just break out the chips and dig in but I was making dinner.   I took corn bread mix and fixed according to directions and put half in a pan, smoothing it all out and then putting my taco mixture on top of that and topping it with more corn bread mix.  I baked for about 40 minutes and then put the oven on warm and covered it in a thick layer of cheese.  (note this recipe is not dairy free)

now it sits waiting for my husband and daughter to come home so that we can dig in.  I just hope it lasts that long because the yummy smell is driving me insane and I may just go get a forkful here in a minute.

What better way to get rid of taco leftovers, in a cornbread casserole.   And I bet this freezes well too, we may not get to try that out tonight!

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