Three Bridges Pasta – Review

Spoiler Alert:   It’s not as bad as it sounds

After going to a specialty store and finding some really good ravioli’s, I got in my mind that I wanted more.   Since I didn’t want to drive all the way to the specialty store I found a brand at my local grocery store.   I know I have tried these before but honestly I don’t recall them behaving as badly as they did today.

Three Bridges looked good.

of course in this photo they are invisible, but trust me they looked good.


As soon as I put them into boiling water they started to fall apart.  As I was putting them in, I did notice they did not feel like pasta but rather plastic like.   I can’t explain it but the other pasta felt just like pasta should.


The insides all fell out and they were soggy.    I followed directions to the T.   I try to always do that when trying new things.   Again I remember eating these however I don’t recall how they were.  

Here is the water and what was left after taking out the pasta.   Ewwwwwww

I almost quit right there but I was hungry and trust me, I have eaten worse.


I placed them in my marinara sauce that my husband doctored up for my other ravioli and I was actually amazed.


They were not sturdy or anything like the other pasta.

Note how the other past actually looked like raviolis!


Anyway I did eat them and guess what they tasted like?

Canned Chef Boyardee, 

Remember opening a can and the pasta would just be all mashed up in the sauce, but it was still so good?   


Total Fail at having Ravioli’s


Total win in bringing back some childhood memories.


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