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During a recent trip to my natural health food store I found some amazing gluten free products.  GeeFree was just one of the many things in my cart to try.    After looking at their website, had I realized they made a puff pastry I would have looked a little harder for it.  I am going to assume the dough used on the products would be similar to the puff pastry so I am not too disappointed I missed it today.

Here is what I did try and what my 12-year-old and I thought of it.

Cheeseburger bites

These were small golf ball size bites.   Even my son looked at them as to say “where is the rest of them?”   We got ten of them and as you can see from the bitten one my son again turned to me and asked where the cheese was.   I wasn’t sure but if you shut your eyes you could almost taste cheese.   Even though they were lacking the cheese part my son found these the best out of the 3 and ate all of them after my trial of them.     They definitely needed to be dipped in ketchup or mustard but since my son hates condiments he chowed down as is.     He said he would eat them again.   They were cute and fun but at $9.39 I won’t be buying them again although I am going to attempt making them.    Definitely going to look for their puff pastry or figure out how to make my own.


I have never heard of such a product but I saw spinach and cheese and said what the heck.   Not bad, my son had a few and decided it wasn’t his thing so he continued to finish off the cheeseburger bites.   I enjoyed the taste, and I loved the filling but I found it a little too doughy and dry.   I wasn’t sure what to dip it in to help out so I ate them dry and had to go get a ginger ale to wash it all down with.   the dough to filling ratio was just a tad off for me but other wise the taste was good.  I love spinach and they were good snack-able finger foods.  Since these set me back $12.59 I am definitely not getting them again any time soon.

Chicken Pot Pie

I have been on the look out for a pot pie like I use to get as a kid with flaky crust, lots of gooey sauce that got chewy when it spewed out and a few pieces of chicken and maybe 5 carrot squares and 10 peas.   You know the cheap crappy pot pies that use to cost 50 cents each back in the 70’s.   Even though this was good, I cannot stand potatoes in my pot pie.   I didn’t grow up eating them that way and they just irritate me when they are that way.   So aside from the potatoes, it was okay.   Not my favorite but a good hearty meal when one is needed.  I might wait until a sale as $9.39 again is hefty price tag.  (my son refused to taste this one.  He is a birdatarian, meaning he don’t eat naked birds {chicken} but breaded bird is okay)


The cons are  that I didn’t find any of these products light and flaky like the photos on the website and as the boxes show.   The cheeseburger bites were small and lacking cheese and the spinach things were dry and doughy, and the pot pie had potatoes. Not to mention the $$$$.  All that aside for a GF premade dish they were pretty good and fun to try.  My son and I had a great night sitting, tasting, talking about the food and then eating our favorites.     I paid for the time I had with my son with these products and that made today’s $$$$$ grocery trip worth it.

I would like to continue to try all their products eventually.   I enjoyed what I tried, they were just a little pricey for me to enjoy on a frequent basis.   If there were a sale or something I would likely try them again but amend them a little like finding a dip for them.    


A meal for 2 people $31.37
Trying new things $31.37
Time with my son $priceless






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