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We had the privilege to sample some of the products made from Sun Flour Mills thanks to my daughters wonderful in-laws. They found these for her during a recent visit  to Oregon since she now has to be dairy free.   Most of the mixes and pre-made items that are gluten/dairy free are a little hard to get use to so when she found these, she was pleasantly surprised.  She was so impressed and happy with them that she shared them with me.   My ONLY complaint is I can’t find them up here and very few places offer to ship them for a shipping price I can afford.  [big sigh]

Even though I may never get these again they were so good I have to rave about them.   If you have the opportunity to try them I very much recommend them.   You can find recipes here using their mixes.

We made garlic rolls with the bread mix to go with our spaghetti and that was delicious.  
We also made just basic rolls with the bread mix to eat with dairy free butter and honey.

We also put a roll away in the fridge for a couple of days so that we can test its durability……………….It was just as yummy as eating it fresh!  I was totally blown away with this as most GF starts to get hard or gel tasting when it sits overnight.    I gave it 2 thumbs up for this alone.

We very much enjoyed the taste and the texture of these rolls.    They were soft and yeasty and even when they were reheated in the microwave the next day they were still soft and amazing.   It didn’t have any gluten free aftertaste which I was expecting and it was quite a pleasant surprise how much it reminded me of old rolls prior to Celiac days.  It is just a texture you have to sample yourself to understand how tasty they were.  The best part of this was the yeasty smell and taste, I miss that.   Definitely the best gluten free rolls I have found in a mix thus far and bonus they are gluten and dairy free for those who need it.


we tried donuts with the bread mix.  

They were absolutely amazing!  They were warm. yeasty, a little crispy on the outside and chewy soft on the inside.  Needless to say we didn’t get a whole lot as we had to share with the whole family.   Husbands who don’t usually eat sweets were asking for more.  The last batch we lied and said there was no more so we could eat them ourselves. (Hey before you judge, we deserved more for doing all the work)

I have never had a donut so close to the real thing as these, yeasty donuts at least.  Cake donuts I can do just fine but these just smelled like the old donuts and tasted like the old donuts.


Again we put two away in the fridge to test the durability for leftovers. (who has leftovers of donuts?  we still had to try)  They did not fare as well as the rolls.   They got hard and had the gluten-free Xanthan gum gel type texture.  They were good with taste but the texture was definitely not on point as when they were fresh and warm.   

This is an up close and personal photo……….see the sweetness dripping off of this.

Finally we made pretzels with the Pizza and Bread Mix.  This was easy until it came to the formation.   The recipe states to pipe a pretzel shape?????? how does one pipe a pretzel shape?   We did our best.   

I think my daughter did a pretty amazing job!  

The cooking process was both exciting and confusing.   This recipe called for boiling in sugar-water whereas we normally do our pretzels in baking soda water.   It worked but I am not sure that the taste came out the same. 


we were amazed at how much these rose, almost triple in size.

The texture was chewy and soft and that was spot on for a pretzel although the longer they sat out the tougher they got.  Even though they were chewier they were still a great consistency for a soft pretzel, but the taste was a tad bit off.  It tasted great it just wasn’t a WOW it’s just like a soft pretzel taste sensation. Next time we make this, it will definitely be boiled in baking soda water instead of sugar.  You can see our prior homemade soft pretzel recipe here  Over all the whole family enjoyed them even though we could not dip them in cheese. 


We did not get to the chocolate cake but hopefully soon I can update and let you know as my daughter will be trying that one.  The other mixes we did not find so I won’t be sampling or reviewing those unless by a miracle I get my hands on them.  If you have tried them, write me a little review of them in comments.    


Over all A++++, all thumbs up,and an amazing product!



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  1. Brenda- Sun Flour Mills says:

    Thank you for reviewing our products! We are excited to see that you loved them and actually showed pictures of what you produced. We get just as excited to see these as a consumer. Feel free to reach out to us on to find out how you get these in your area. We may be able to come up with a solution. Happy baking!!!!

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