Uncle Joe’s Gluten Free Pizza

Uncle Joes in Anchorage Alaska has just unleashed their gluten-free pizza.   I had the privilege of tasting a slice yesterday and it was absolutely marvelous.   I am so happy that more places are making it easier for us to eat gluten-free.

This pizza was an intoxicating sensation with its thin moist crust. not too chewy like some and not hard to chew like others it was just plain good.  it was like eating a real pizza again.  In fact I thought I was.  some times with other products I can close my eyes and pretend it’s not GF and it is good but I got to see it, smell it and taste it and darned if it wasn’t just as good as that icky gluten filled pizza.

I will be going back for more and more and more because unlike most places that see the opportunity to charge us an arm and a leg to eat gluten-free I found these guys no more expensive than regular pizza.  which by the way has increased since 6 years ago when I use to order the stuff.

I can now call and order pizza for delivery!  Awesome is all I can say.


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