Bacon wrapped dates

I don’t know who created this recipe but whoever they were, they get my standing ovation.

I recently attended a wedding and they had a lot of snack foods from cheese to mini tacos to chicken on sticks but the one thing that kept reappearing on my plate was bacon wrapped dates.   I love dates to begin with and well who doesn’t love bacon.   It was a sweet and salty combo that just blew me away.  I kept going back for more and more and more, so much that the caterer actually wrapped up the extra’s and gave them to me instead of the bride and groom………….okay I gave them back but I thought that was hilarious as he as well as the whole party must have saw me going back again and again and again.

Seriously if you love a sweet and salty combo this is the way to go, you must try.   I do think you have to be a date lover however because I did see some people leaving them behind on their plates, it was sad (and no I didn’t go get them, there was plenty more in the serving dish LOL)

Have you tried them?  What did you think?

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