Fairbanks Alaska, Travel Info

Here are a few litlte gems I found in Fairbanks Alaska.   They all have a risk of cross contamination however I did very well while eating at these establishments.    I was scared I wouldn’t find anyting but I had breakfast, lunch and dinner out with minimal damage.

In no particular order:

Blue Roof Bistro

The fries were amazing and there were so many gluten free options.

The Hungry Robot

This was the most amazing gluten free pizza I have ever had.   I absolutely fell in love with their pizza, and now I crave it.


Little Owl Cafe

I have yet to be able to go have breakfast other than an omelet since being diagnosed celiac.   I did have french toast for lunch one time in Colorado but I must say this place was just amazing and made my heart melt.


The Fudge Pot

My daughter and I sat here at the end of the day enjoying coffee and fudge.    It was good.

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