The Hungry Robot, Fairbanks Ak

We took a trip to fairbanks Alaska and since my good friend Sue use to live up there she told me all about The Hungry Robot.    Of course she does not have to eat gluten free but when they came out with a GF crust she was excited to let me know.    I don’t normally over share establishments that are high risk for cross contamination so please keep in mind that they make their pizza in house and there is flour in the air and cross contamination even though they are very careful is still high, but we really wanted pizza and I wanted to see what my friend was always raving about.

This was my first trip to Fairbanks and I found most places were really laid back, which I could get use to if it wasn’t -33 degrees.   I have been told summers are amazing and well I may just have to see about that.  I definately have incentive to go back.   The Hungry Robot was a small little establishment and as you walked in, you felt right at home.   It was just all the little fun stuff that made you smile.

The menu was on the was on the wall as you entered and there was articles about their establishment that were fun to read.

The place was quiet and quaint, and the bathroom sign and floor made me smile.   Those are pennies on the floor.

And they grow their own herbs for the pizza!!!!!

But that is not what we loved most about this small little gem nestled in the heart of Fairbanks…….


I had my non gluten free daughter with me and she absolutely loved the GF crust.   She can eat any pizza she wishes but she said that she really enjoyed the taste and texture of the pizza at The Hungry Robot very much, almost more than other pizzas.  As for me, hands down this was the best pizza I have ever had gluten free.   First off, its not thin cardboard crust, it is thick and chewy and filled with flavor.  Okay the toppings is what gave the most flavor  (we had a blue cheese pork bbq combo and a multi cheese) but that crust was so amazing.  I think I could have eatened just the crust.  In fact I thought to myself how yummy these woud be as bread sticks, or a dessert pizza.    I definately want more.

Now here is the kicker.   I loved the pizza, I really did.   But I did feel slightly sick afterwards which I knew full well I would.   Would I do it again, heck yeah that pizza was amazing.   Maybe not every day but if I visit again you know where I will be.    There was a few places I found that were amazing but hands down wihtout a doubt, this is the best gluten free pizza you will ever get at least in Fairbanks Alaska!!!!




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