Mini Marshmallow Flower Cookies

I love the new fad going around of making flowers out of marshmallows.   I think they are absolutely adorable, but I am not in the mood to make boring cupcakes today.    Brainstorm!    I made these beautiful little chocolate covered cookie flowers on sticks!


That was cute but I didn’t like how plain it looked, so I added colored balls to the colored sugar.


That was better, but not perfect.


Lets add colored balls and just so you know if you add to many colors of sugar it just like a mess so stick with a simple colored sugar and colored balls.   I still think my flowers are gorgeous!

(note that you don’t get from other sites that show you how to make the marshmallow petals….pinch the end as you are putting them on so that the outer edge is pointed.   It looks a lot neater and more like flower petals that way)

IMG_6603 - Copy

It was a little time-consuming

First, I used the original recipe I have for chocolate covered cookies: Click Here for Recipe

And making all these little marshmallow petals.   Next time I will set the kids down to do that chore.


Since I was making this for bible study, I had to think hard about how to present these.   All these little flowers just didn’t fit nicely in a cup like my others did when I just had a few so I had to use my imagination.    I think I came up with a pretty good treat for all the girls tonight.


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