Plant Pudding Cups

I just love summer and planting gardens, I also love eating.

Combining the two items made for a wonderful night at bible study.   At first everyone thought they were bringing a plant home, those who took left over’s home had husbands asking what kind of plant it was.   They actually looked very real…………..The reason I think was the cookie choice I used.


Normally you use crumbled oreo cookies, but when I tied that, I found the white filling made it look fake.    I tried it without the white filling and that was just a hassle to do and still had white specks.   I then found a cookie that had a few things going for them.   They were mint cookies so they matched well with the mint leaf used as a the plant,  They added a taste enhancement to the chocolate pudding giving it a mint flavor and they were all brown, dark and light giving it a real look of dirt.


I also used solid color cups so that you couldn’t see the pudding in the bottom.   I don’t think it looks like a real plant if you can see the pudding in the cup, If I am going to go through all this trouble I don’t want a fake looking dessert.    I have see them using terra cotta mini pots or metal mini buckets, but I was afraid that wouldn’t be too safe to eat out.  Over all I really enjoyed how they turned out and so did everyone else.


It was very simple:    make the pudding, put in cups  ~ crush up the cookies in a food processor and fill the rest of the cup with them ~ place a mint leaf in each cup.   Simple as that.



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