New Year

What are some of your New Year traditions?

We celebrate a birthday so we get a double party here at our house.  My oldest girl was born at 12:03 on January 1st.    We were the first baby in North Carolina for the year.  Very exciting and for the first 10 years or so she thought the world celebrated her birthday and set off fire works just for her.    They may not have but we do!

Thanksgiving is the same with my Thanksgiving baby which is my 2nd little girl.

New Years eve is much like Christmas eve, we have a buffet of food and eat way too much.   Its kind of hard to pig out when we just pigged out the whole week prior from all the food served at Christmas eve but we manage.  We then watch movies  all night long (birthday child’s choice) and stop close to midnight to watch the ball drop and shoot off poppers.  We stay up to watch the fireworks and if we feel generous the birthday girl gets one gift.

New Years day since its also birthday day, the birthday girl gets breakfast in bed and we usually make a big breakfast if we have room in our guts from the over eating the night before.    we then usually just snack until dinner and of course cake after dinner.

Dinner is another tradition from another time in our lives when my husband had to spend Christmas and New Years fighting overseas.  He ate lobster on New years day so when he came back home we kept up that tradition of lobster tails.  There have been years when we just shared one or two or each had our own but we never miss lobster for our New Year’s dinner.  I personally love this tradition even though I didn’t enjoy being away from him during the holiday to create such a tradition.

Then of course January 2nd we all start new diets since we are all sick of seeing food anyways.  Except for my 9 year old, I think he has a bottomless tummy.

I love our holiday traditions, its been the same for 26 years pretty much and I hope for another 26 years of traditions.

Happy New Year everyone.

Blessings to you all

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