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Recently while browsing the shelves at my local store I cam across a new brand  (Firenza) of gluten free mixes for corn bread and cookies.  I hesitated for a moment since I make both cornbread & cookies from scratch; and I am quite happy with my recipes.   But for the sake of other gluten free readers I decided I better buy these and try them out.

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Box says oven ready in 3 minutes and it really was that easy.   I made muffins so I added 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oil.  Mixed and it was ready to go.    A lot of your gluten free mixes taste better if you let them sit for a while, as this will make them less grainy.   I chose to mix, pour and bake just to see how it turned it.

I made regular muffins and I made little hot dog muffins which is one of my son’s favorite meals.

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My thoughts on this mix:

  1.  It was very sweet, but in a good way.   No need for honey, just put some butter on it and enjoy.
  2. It was very moist but sturdy.  It didn’t crumble when we were eating it or leave a mess.
  3. It was almost like a cake and corn bread combined.  corn bread taste, but gave you the impression of eating cake.
  4. It was easy and the end product was tasty as can be.
  5. Taste was spot on, no fake after taste, no funny tastes, it really tasted like it was made from scratch.

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I shared this with the whole family and lets just say there is no leftovers.  None.  Usually I can have a piece for breakfast the next morning but alas it was all gobbled up.    My family did say that the sweetness although good is not something that might pair well with our traditional meal of Chile and cornbread plus the fact this was more like a cake texture which made it great just for eating alone.    My family enjoys the texture aspect of course cornmeal which I use in my original recipe but over all they said they would want this again perhaps with a nice chicken meal.

The only downside I saw to this was the expiration date.   That could just be my store and the fact that things take forever to get here to Alaska but I found the best if used by date short; so it isn’t something I could put into my pantry long-term for an emergency side dish.


Important Note:   This company makes other products containg wheat, milk, soy, tree nuts and eggs.



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