Thanksgiving 2016

It is that time of year again where we cook for hours and hours, sometimes days and then we eat it all up in 30 minutes and flop on the couch stuffed fuller than the turkey we just ate.

This will be our first year where we have not celebrated Thanksgiving.  We will have a small well put together dinner but nothing like our big spread of food.   We have two of our kids out-of-state, one of our kids is working and the other one doesn’t eat anything on the menu anyway so we have decided to forgo all the hard work and just enjoy the day together.

But don’t despair, I have all the recipes that my readers always ask for up top under Recipe Index.  I will also attach links to some of my more popular Holiday posts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.

Perfect Pie Crust:


Sweet potato crunch

Oyster Stuffing:


If there is anything you would like to see me post concerning Thanksgiving dinner, just send me a note or stop over to my Facebook page and leave a post.  I would love to help you out making a safe and yummy Gluten free thanksgiving.




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