Gluten Free Choices in OREGON

Traveling to Oregon?
Here is what I found in Portland and surrounding areas!

2021 Updates:  

Elegant Elephant was a fun little bakery to go to and you must try their ice cream sandwhiches!   This was a great place to visit after eating at Jazzy ladies and i located in Eugene Oregon.

 Eats and Treats 100% gluten free eatery     This was an amazing place for BBQ and good old fashioned home cooked food.  Lots and lots of goodies as well.  

Jazzy Ladies Cafe review :    This was a one of the most amazing places I have ever been to for breakfast.  The atmosphere is 1/2 of the charm of this little place with friendly people and the most amazing food you have ever eaten.    You cannot leave Eugene Oregon without visiting!   

Petunia’s Pies and Pasties is in downtown Oregon.  It was a hard place to drive to if you are not familiar with Portland but it was a cute little place tucked right  by Butterfly Belly so you can have a meal and then go get some pastries for dessert and a few to take home as well.

Butterfly Belly was the most amazing Asian food, you cannot leave without trying the fried calamari.  They have a wide variety of collective Asian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

Saturday Markets:  Always check out the Saturday markets if you come in the summer.  I have yet to visit one that does not have some sort of Gluten free offering.


Older Posts on Oregon.  some place may no longer be in business due to the pandemic: 


I had a great time in Oregon and found so many new GF food options at the stores. But this post is for all the gluten free places I found to eat at. After eating in Oregon I just have to say, OREGON knows gluten free!
Here is a great app for your phone to find GF no matter where you are at:



Wow Burger: (This is a must go to place *IMHO) There are three locations in Oregon and they are an Oregon based franchise. We ate at the one right by the airport. They can make anything GF, even grilled cheese although it will be on a hamburger bun. My son was thrilled with this choice since we can’t get a grilled cheese anywhere but we opted for the burger and fries. He ate the entire meal repeating the phrases “I made the right choice with the burger” “oh wow” “I think I must be in Heaven” “I can’t believe this” I couldn’t believe it either. I had to inspect the non-gluten free buns with the two gluten free buns we had to make sure it was safe, I kept repeating “oh wow” this certainly is how they got their name I am sure it was just WOW. My son hardly took a breath as he downed a full size hamburger and fries and asked for a second. Both him and I literally could have eaten these until…………..well until we were retching with fullness. It was that good. They make their buns homemade (they wouldn’t share the recipe with me) and let me tell you who ever created the recipe needs to take this to the next level and share with consumers because they would be rich! Filthy rich. One of the best bun hands down I have ever had in my entire 10 years of being gluten free (see next post). The dedicated fryer for the French fries was great. Wow, just Wow


Dickie Jo’s and Dickie Yo’s: (This is a must go to place *IMHO) This was the first place we ate as a family and we went not knowing they had so many GF options however we knew they had a dedicated fryer for fries and well my son loves his fries. This is another one of those Oregon only companies (sheesh really guys; you need to bring this to Alaska!) We were surprised to be able to sit down and have a full burger and fries all gluten free! My son loved this and as with the other burger joint he just kept eating and eating and eating. We don’t get the burger and fries thing much except at one place which can get boring when it’s the only one. They were so nice and the burger was so soft, buttery and mmmmmmmmmmmm, I am drooling thinking about it literally. We ate at both their locations and at the second location after learning we had ordered a GF meal they came to the table to make sure it was all wiped down for us. I thought this was so sweet of them to make sure there were not crumbs from other breads offered in the establishment. I was overly impressed by their customer service and the burger and fries were again amazing! My son and I who love burgers and fries just adored this place. However we did not go next door to the Dickie Yo’s which is frozen yogurt. My daughter went at a later time and told me she got a soft serve cone that was gluten free. I banged my head a little against a wall knowing I missed out. She said it took her back many years to when we could actually walk into a place and get a soft serve ice cream cone. I recommend if you are going to Dickie’ Jo’s make sure you save room for Dickie Yo’s as well. We were so entranced by having a GREAT burger and fries we were stuffed.

Dutch Brothers: Not an eatery however if you like coffee and smoothies this is the place to find it. Normally I am a Starbucks type person but on this trip any coffee would do and I enjoyed knowing that they were GF and SF for my son. No food offerings however I found the specialty coffees and smoothies all acceptable to our allergies.

PF Changs: We have eaten here many times in many different places. Its actually a hit and miss whether we get cross contaminated or not just like any other establishment that offers both GF and Non-GF. They have the most wonderful GF selections and it really is worth the small risk as we absolutely love the lettuce wrap appetizers so will continue to go whenever one is available. I love all the food but mainly we get the lettuce wraps. The portions are big enough to share or have leftovers for home which is usually what we do. Love the atmosphere, the food and the friendly service. I noticed there were a few new items in Oregon but we didn’t end up trying them.

Shari’s: My daughter found Shari’s in her college years and because they are open 24/7 they were a main place to go for late night studying and eating. We go every time we visit Oregon mainly for their stuffed hash browns. They don’t have a gluten free menu however you just let them know you have food allergies and they will work with you. We ordered everything ala cart as we wanted breakfast but couldn’t have the toast. They gave us a breakfast combo price (cheaper ) rather than charging us individually. I thought that was nice. They have great café food and we have never had any issues with cc issues for as many times as we have eaten there.

Corbett Fish House: This is a little gem of a place tucked away in Portland Oregon that is 100% gluten free. I kid you not when I say we would drive two hours to get to this place along with a cute little GF bakery close by that has sadly closed its doors. This is where we had our first Gf deep fried cheese sticks and battered fish and chips. (I really miss Long John Silvers) and I enjoyed every bit of it. I also enjoyed the oysters in cocktail sauce. Its not every day you can walk into a place and have deep fried, battered stuff all gluten free. This made my tastebuds stand up and cheer! The atmosphere and the food was just inviting and it was just a lot of fun.

Gluten Free Gem: I believe this is the bakery that use to by by the Corbett Fish House, but not 100% sure. If it was it sure was good. We would stop by in the morning and buy enough to last the whole day. Gained about 10 lbs eating so much sweet gluten free stuff.
Because I couldn’t be everywhere that offered gluten free I found this online that will give you many more options: I would have loved to try them all out for you but my last trip was for a wedding and I was a little consumed with preparing for that.



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